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What are stories and why do we tell them?

Discussing Influences and References with Sheila Chiamaka Chukwulozie on her Installation (11:11) and Film (The Majors) designed for the 50th Biennale l'image De Mouvement at the Centre D'Art Du Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland.


Sheila Chukwulozie

Sheila Chukwulozie is a writer, filmmaker, and performance artist.

As a writer, the essay is her way of combining memory and theory, dream and myth, rumor and fact. Her most recent essay on Indigo (Blue is the Warmest Colour)has been published in the U.K based design journal Disegno. Her work at the Johannesburg Art Fair “Thanks Xenophobia” has been reviewed by Artnet, Frieze, Financial Times, and other leading media houses. Formerly a TEDx speaker, her essay “Women Can’t be Heroes: The Erasure of Female Pain” was published in the Republic Magazine in 2017. She has also co-authored a collection of stories called “The Heart in Her Mouth,” together with a group of female writers led by Ella Finer. She is on the board of artist directors for the Longplayer project; a sound performance piece in a London lighthouse that promises to go on for a thousand years. With a background in historical and political analysis, she always attempts to fuse social anthropology with performance. From August 2017- August 2018, she traveled as a Thomas J Watson Fellow studying with traditional mask makers and cloth weavers in eight African countries. As an actor, her lead role in the award-winning film "Egungun" has been celebrated. The film is currently showing at the London Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.


Who Heals The Healer?

A meditation on living medicine.

Originally shown at the New York University Abu Dhabi.





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